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Volume 50 / No. 2 / 2003

Charakterization of interleukin 10 and NO release by transpantable melanoma cell lines with regardto their progresion


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Modulation of HLA class I expresion in multidrug-resistant human rhabdomyosarcoma cells


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Expresion of p65, DD3,an c-erbB2 genes in prostate cancer


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Lipoxygenase inhibitors suppress proliferation of G5:113 fibrosarcoma cells in vitro but they have no anticancer activity in vivo

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Comparision of the carcinogenic potential of streptozotocin by polarography and alkaline elution

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Usefulness of technetium-99m methoxyisobutylisonitrile liver single photon emission computed tomography to detect hepatocellular carcinoma

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Rapid HPLC analysis of melphalan applied to hypertermic isolation limb perfusion

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Thermoluminescent dosimetry in rotary-dual technique of the total skin electron irradiation

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Immunocytochemical detection of p21ras, Raf-1, ERK1/MAP kinase and PKC isoforms in a 20-metylcholantrene-induced transformed murine embryonal fibroblast cells in culture

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Correlation of poliferating cell nuclear antigen and bcl-2 expression with tumor front grading and metastasis in laryngeal squamous cell  carcinoma

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Fine needle aspiration biopsy in a diagnostic workup algorithm of salivary gland tumors

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Inhibition of adhesion breast cancer cells by anticoagulant drugs an cimetidine

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Conservative treatment for carcinoma of the anus a report of 35 patients

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