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The journal Neoplasma publishes articles on experimental and clinical oncology and cancer epidemiology. Only original articles are accepted which have not been published elsewhere. Book reviews, reports on scientific meetings and announcements are also published.

Preparation of manuscript:

Manuscript must be submitted in duplicate and typed double spaced on paper sheets of A4 format (210 x 297 mm). A page should contain 30 lines, each having 60 letters and spaces.

The manuscript should be organized in the following order:

Title page should include the title of article, authors names (initials of the first and middle names), without academic degrees, the name of the institution, address and zip code for each author. Indicate the author responsible for correspondence and the address for reprint requests. Give a running title not exceeding 60 keystrokes.

Summary should describe in short, main problem, methods, results and conclusions. At the end of the summary, provide a maximum of 6 key words suitable for indexing.

Text of the article should be subdivided into introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion, acknowledgements, and references.

Abbreviations in brackets will be preceded by the full term when first used (except for those which are very common). If there are numerous abbreviations, the explanations shall appear as footnotes at the bottom of the first page. Authors will only use internationally accepted nomenclature (chemical compounds, enzymes, measures in SI units).

References in full title must be typed on a separate sheet in alphabetic order and listed in Arabic numerals. For citation in the text the numbers of the appropriate references should be referred in brackets. The bibliography must give the name(s) of author(s) (with initials only), title of article, name of journal, volume number, year, first and last page numbers (quotations using international abbreviations).

For book references, give name(s) of author(s), title of article, title of book, editor, city, publisher, year and page.

Any reference to unpublished work (unpublished data, personal communication, etc.) should be made in the text only.

Table with descriptive titles must be typed on separate sheets and numbered in consecutive order as cited in the text. Other data or legends shall be given as footnotes below the tables.

Illustrations may be submitted in the form of photographs, graphs and diagrams and must bear the author's name and reference number in pencil on the back. Photographs, and graphs or diagrams will be numbered sequentionally. References in the text must be in consecutive order. Photographs should be of 9 x 12 cm size and, if necessary, have the top indicated by arrow in pencil on the back. Graphs will be redrawn in the editor's office: however, if author wants graphs to be printed in the form submitted, lettering must be 3.5 to 4 mm high (line width: 0.6 mm). Footnotes and legends pertaining to illustrations will be typed on a separate sheet, showing number and title of illustration.

The manuscript should be submitted in English. The editor holds the right to determine the suitability of translations and to make linguistic corrections, if necessary. Greater linguistic changes will be made with the author's approval. The manuscript so approved is considered final, and no further changes (including the proof) will be accepted.

Diskettes that include the text and tables, and if possible illustrations, must be submitted with the manuscript. Improper submission of manuscripts will delay the review process.


Editorial correspondence should be addressed to:

Cancer Research Institute
of the Slovak Academy of Sciences
Vlárska 7
833 91 Bratislava, Slovakia